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Outdoor Solar Powered Camera For Sale

Outdoor Solar Powered Camera For Sale

* Power source:Solar / Lithium Battery; * Wifi network; * Remote viewing video by PC or mobile phone; * Microwave Detection; * Privacy protection by local storage; * Inductive street light: When a person is sensed at night, the light will be automatically activated ;

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1.all aluminum alloy, on the flip cover, easy disassembly 4G card and TF card;

2.4 high-power dot matrix light source, effective night vision distance of 30-50 meters;

3.built-in all-Netcom 4G module, comes with wireless routing function;

4.comes standard with TF memory card slot (supports 64G card);

5.standard 2 5DB 4G antenna, a 5DB WIFI antenna;

6.Optional: audio, zoom lens, rotating bracket;

7.software: P2P remote, low code cloud platform (support Mobile View);
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