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Yoosee Mobile App Operation Guide

The camera of the Techway solution has a large proportion in the home market, and the number of users has exceeded 5 million. There are many kinds of APPs corresponding to the camera of the Techway solution. Each company has different APPs, but all of them are developed based on Yoosee. Now, I have already introduced Yoosee as an example to introduce the operation of the software. Other APPs modified on this basis have similar operation methods. Can be used as a reference.

First, download and install Yoosee mobile app

Go to the Apple App Store or Android Google Play to search Yoosee according to the type of phone, follow the prompts to complete the registration and log in to Yoosee.

Second, add a camera

1, account registration, login

User registration and login can be registered by mobile phone number (currently only in mainland China), email registration (please use real email number to retrieve password in the future), or you can log in by WeChat.

       2, add new equipment process

When adding a new device, you need to restore the device to the initialization state. Press and hold the RESET button for about 5 seconds to return to the initialization state.

There are two ways to add: one is added via WiFi; the other is wired addition. Adding via WiFi is divided into intelligent online and hotspot connections. It is recommended to use hotspot connection.

        Hotspot connection:

Select the hotspot connection, enter the WiFi password to connect to the device, create an access password, click ‘Next’ to go to the ‘Add Device’ page, select the device to be added GW-AP-XXX, and follow the wizard to complete the following operations.

        Smart online (due to the limitations of some routers, there may be an add failure when using smart online, if you fail to add a hotspot connection):

Select Smart Online, follow the wizard to complete the following operations. After the camera successfully accesses WiFi, enter the default password of the device (if the device does not have a default password, you can create a password according to the prompt), and save it to complete the addition.

        Wired addition (recommended for outdoor unit use)

Select "Wired connection" → select the device to be added in the new device list → Create device name, device password → Save.

Third, the function button introduction


1 weak password prompt icon: When this icon appears, it is strongly recommended to change the password.

2 Arming/Disarming Key: Arming must be enabled when using alarm push or alarm recording.

3 video playback

4 settings

Fourth, equipment settings

Device Information: Firmware version information. When the firmware fails, you usually need to know the firmware version information.

Time setting: Set the time and time zone of the device.

Screen and sound: Set the video format, volume, video quality, motion detection sensitivity, and image flip of the device.

Security Settings: Set or modify the device administrator password and guest password. The guest password can only monitor the device and has no other operating rights.

Arming settings (this feature requires device support): Set the timing arming/disarming plan.

Network settings: Switch between wired and WiFi connections, or switch to other WiFi.

Alarm settings: Receive alarm push switch, delete alarm push account, alarm push mailbox binding, buzzer switch and motion detection switch and sensitivity setting.

Recording settings: set the recording mode - manual recording, alarm recording, timing recording.

Note: The motion detection or sensor must be enabled for the alarm push and alarm recording functions, and the device can take effect under the armed state.

       Add sensor (this function requires device support): Add ordinary sensor (door magnet, infrared), remote control, special sensor (smoke, air).

Add method: Click ‘ + ’ → Confirm → Trigger sensor → Add successfully in the Add Sensor interface.

Use case: After the device successfully adds the door magnet, in the alarm setting, the “receive alarm information” is turned on. At this time, the camera is armed. After the arming is successful, once the door magnet is triggered, the camera will push the alarm message to the mobile app.

Firmware update: Upgrade and optimize device firmware.

Switch to stand-alone mode (this feature requires device support): Applicable to users without routers, in this mode can be accessed through AP hotspots.

A user without a router can access it through the AP hotspot of the device. The operations are as follows:

Restore the device to the initialization state → Connect the hotspot GW-AP-XXX of the mobile phone WiFi connection device to the APP and return to the APP. At the 'Configure Camera' interface point, skip, switch to stand-alone mode' → click 'OK' → the device can be accessed .

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