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With High Image Stability, High Transmission Capacity

High-speed camera is a kind of industrial camera, the general high-speed camera refers to the digital industrial camera, which is generally installed in the machine instead of the human eye to make measurements and judgments, through the digital image capture target into image signals, sent to a dedicated image Processing system.

High-speed cameras, compared to ordinary cameras, high-speed camera with high image stability, high transmission capacity and high anti-interference ability.

High-speed cameras generally use the CameraLink interface, also has a USB 3.0 interface.CameraLink interface requires the installation of a dedicated computer chassis capture card; USB 3.0 interface and no special acquisition card, so the more convenient to use, laptop connection is also very convenient.

1, Industrial fields, such as the development of metal materials and resin materials, can be used to analyze the structure of material when material is damaged when it is used to observe the direction and state of internal cracks generated when material is impacted;

2, sports, such as catching the baseball and golf ball when the state of the ball, with the air resistance and so on,

3, packaging and labeling industry in the printing process, real-time detection of high-speed printing in very subtle printing defects. Finding printed defects can provide valuable information for production in order to take steps in the production process to reduce the eventual loss. A variety of common printing defects such as scratches, dust, leakage, ink marks and folds, etc. can be easily detected. Not only improve the return on investment and reduce waste issued, but also improve customer satisfaction and trust.

4, in the development of products and verification of products, digital industrial cameras on the size of the subject there is no restriction, according to the lens conditions, both the general shooting material can also be used for microscopy photography.

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