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Wireless Surveillance Camera Advantages Analysis

With the popularization of wireless technology applications, wireless transmission technologies such as WIFI, 3G, and microwave have been successfully applied in various fields of video surveillance, which has made up for the shortcomings of traditional wired deployment. In the field of video surveillance, wireless technology has been developed. A new highlight of the video surveillance system. The advantages of wireless transmission are outstanding, and the future will become the mainstream of video surveillance systems.

Whenever the security industry mentions development trends, the words with the highest frequency must be HD, digital, and intelligence. This is already recognized as the three development trends. However, in the process of achieving high definition, digitization and intelligence, video wireless transmission plays a role as a bridge. The convenience and flexibility of wireless transmission closely link the three to achieve application in the security industry.

1. Low comprehensive cost, only one-time investment, no need to dig trenches, especially suitable for outdoor distances and renovated occasions; in many cases, users are often limited by geographical environment and work content, such as mountainous Special geographical environments such as ports and open spaces have caused great inconvenience to wired network and wired transmission wiring projects. The construction period using wired lines will be very long or even impossible. At this time, the use of wireless monitoring can get rid of the constraints of the cable, and has the advantages of short installation period, convenient maintenance, strong capacity expansion, and rapid cost recovery.

2, flexible networking, scalability, plug and play, managers can quickly add new wireless monitoring points to the existing network, no need to lay networks for new transmissions, add equipment, easily achieve remote wireless monitoring .

3. The maintenance cost is low, the wireless monitoring and maintenance is maintained by the network provider, and the front-end equipment is a plug-and-play, maintenance-free system.

The wireless transmission technology has the advantages of flexible and convenient networking, rapid opening and low maintenance cost, so there is a huge market for its application. However, with the rapid development of wireless transmission technology, its security issues have attracted more and more attention. Although wireless transmission equipment in the security market currently enhances its security through various mechanisms, many industry insiders have found that there are various security vulnerabilities in the confidentiality agreement. For example, he cannot guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data. Implement identity authentication for the accessed user.

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