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Wirefree Surveillance Camera Application Status

From the security market research and analysis, smart wireless video surveillance is currently mainly used in:

Cell security wireless video surveillance

In China, community security is still in the initial stage of an application, and there are many shortcomings. The first is the monitoring of land use in public places within and around the community. The camera is installed at the perimeter and the main entrances and exits. The monitoring center in the community is guarded for 24 hours, but we should understand that no matter how dedicated the security guards can monitor multiple video images at the same time, they cannot watch for a long time. Watching TV watching. In most communities, there are only 1-2 computer monitors, and a dozen or even dozens of cameras are monitored in a round robin, which makes it difficult to effectively monitor in real time. Moreover, the way criminals now commit crimes has diversified, and traditional security systems have no way to meet demand. Secondly, the community network alarm system is not perfect. Some high-end residential homes have access to alarm hosts and detectors, and are connected to the community monitoring center. However, there are very few systems that are actually used normally.


Wireless video surveillance in prisons, detention centers and drug rehabilitation centers

In the application of prisons, detention centers and drug rehabilitation centers, the application is mainly indoors, the indoor environment is relatively simple and the environmental changes are relatively stable. Through the analysis of the practical application of various intelligent wireless video analysis functions in this environment, some important and accurate detection rates will be adopted. High application refinement, such as: wireless video quality diagnosis, warning line, get up, regional watch defense, strenuous exercise, duty, etc., to achieve higher detection accuracy (99%), lower false positive rate, to achieve Better auxiliary management effect.

HD highway video surveillance

In the application of the high-bay bayonet of Safe City, the imaging of the outdoor section is carried out during the day and night by a single camera specification model, consistent installation condition requirements, special fill light system design, controllable camera parameters, and fixed camera scene. And a good consistency in a variety of environmental changes, enabling the system to capture high-resolution images of moving targets and identify features.



Bank ATM ATMs generally have a relatively small range, a relatively simple environment, and the fill light conditions are generally better, which is a very good condition for smart wireless video analysis. Moreover, bank ATM automatic teller machines involve sensitive money, and the demand for security is relatively high. The application of specific intelligent wireless video analysis functions is relatively successful, such as face recognition, trailing, strenuous exercise, abnormal movements, and the like.

Industrial inspection video surveillance

The intelligent wireless video analysis technology has been widely used in the industrial inspection field. The resolution of the intelligent industrial camera can reach 1/10mm, which exceeds the artificial vision, and the special camera can achieve higher precision. In the beverage industry, intelligent wireless video analysis can help determine the height of the installed beverage, whether the cap is installed correctly, whether the manufacturer's logo is clear, etc. Industrial inspection is generally indoors, can fix the camera installation conditions, sufficient fill light, relatively single detection The feature makes smart wireless video analytics relatively more successful applications. In the automotive industry, tire manufacturing, logistics, machinery manufacturing, printing quality testing, wireless video processing industry, steel casting industry, agriculture and other fields have been successfully applied.

Medical imaging analysis

In medicine, wireless video intelligence analysis has also achieved relatively successful applications. With modern technology instruments, it is possible to take clear pictures under the microscope, and physical analysis is the most reliable method in medicine. A typical application is a urine analysis instrument. Although it can be analyzed by chemical methods such as test paper, the chemical changes may cause the original cells to change, and the physical method is used to stir and precipitate, and then HD is adopted. Cameras can be used to capture stable and clear pictures, and wireless video intelligent analysis can be used to count different types of cells, which can maintain the most realistic results. This method is often used in high-end or difficult cause detection.

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