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Why My Camera Cannot Connect WiFi Router

Analysis of the cause of wireless network failure

First, is it a hardware problem?

When there is a problem with the wireless network, if only individual terminals cannot connect, it is likely that some of the many access points have failed. In general, by looking at the physical location of a client with a network problem, you can roughly determine the problem.

And when all terminals can't connect, the problem can come from many sources. For example, if there is only one access point in the network, then the access point may have hardware problems or configuration errors. In addition, there may be excessive external interference or a problem with the connection between the wireless access point and the wired network.

Second, how easy is the access point connectivity?

To determine the cause of the problem of not being able to connect to the network, you can also check if each terminal device can connect to the wireless access point normally. The simple detection method is to ping the IP address of the wireless access point. If the wireless access point does not respond, there may be a problem with the wireless connection between the computer and the wireless access point, or the wireless access point itself has failed. To determine what the problem is, try to ping the IP address of the wireless access point from the wireless client. If successful, it may indicate that the network connection part of the computer may have problems, such as network cable damage.

Third, the device configuration is wrong

The quality of the wireless network device itself is generally trustworthy, so the biggest problem is usually from the configuration of the device, not the hardware itself. For example, you can ping directly to the wireless access point through the network cable, but you can't ping it wirelessly. Then you can basically assume that the wireless access point is only a temporary signal, channel deviation, and so on. The direction of the configuration check can be the service area identifier (SSID), the WEP key match between devices, and so on.

4. Is the multiple access points not in the customer list?

A typical wireless access point has a list of customers, and only the end customers in the list can access it, so this may also be the source of network problems. Because this list records the MAC address of all wireless terminals that can access the access point, and this function is usually not activated. When it is activated, if there is no MAC address saved in this list, it will appear. Unable to connect.

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