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What Kind Of Situation Is A Katu

According to personal experience point of view when the network camera card is mainly due to the following reasons. What is the reason for the wireless network camera image card? We use the method of exclusion method, from the software problem, the network camera problem, or the communication network problem.

The following three aspects to answer:

1, the software problem is the most easily ruled out, with a well-configured computer to ensure that the system can operate normally (that is, no virus, the impact of illegal programs, etc.), the installation of network camera manufacturers with their own client software, Direct access to the camera. If you use client software to access the card, use IE or other software to access the card, that is the software problem.

2, the same method using the above, using a computer directly connected to the network camera, and then install the camera manufacturer's own client software to access it. If such images will be cards, but also ensure that the computer is no problem, it is likely the camera itself has a problem. First check the camera menu to see if the image quality settings have been set, will not set the factory configuration can be restored directly. If you confirm the menu settings no problem, you can see if it is not a problem with the camera hardware.

3, if the computer directly connected to the network camera, see the image is not card, but the camera into the network, its image card, and that is the network problem. In general, there may be insufficient bandwidth or too many devices in the link to affect communication.

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