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What Are The Functions Of The Home Surveillance Camera?

Cameras can be seen everywhere on the street corners, which makes our lives safer, home camera products are becoming more popular, and the appearance and high-tech skills are endless. But how do you choose a home surveillance camera?

In fact, for ordinary families, the purpose of monitoring is nothing more than the following: monitoring property security and preventing theft in the absence of anyone in the home. Monitor the safety of the elderly, children and even pets in the home, whether the home caregiver has fulfilled his job duties and so on.

By clarifying the purpose of the home surveillance camera, we can confirm the basic functions of the purchased camera based on these several purposes.

First of all, the selected surveillance camera should be small

In order to prevent the bad guys from invading, it is usually installed at the door or the living room to the window position, so the product design needs to be compact and compact, and integrated into the home environment, which is not easy to be discovered by intruders.

Second, use a wireless connection, easy to install and fix

Home decoration is like a whole, and which part is destroyed will affect the overall effect. Therefore, it is best not to route, the installation is simple and convenient, do not need to choose additional accessories, reducing the user's trouble.

Again, use it, the simpler the better

Users of home surveillance cameras have different levels of use of modern equipment, so the use of cameras should be simple and straightforward.

Finally, remote monitoring, with alarm function

The home camera can be viewed in real time and remotely controlled through the mobile app, for example, when you are away from home, you can view the home monitoring screen through the mobile phone at any time. It's best to have a smart detection alarm that allows you to receive alerts in the first place, minimizing economic losses.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the above problems when choosing a home surveillance camera. Changhong micro series home smart camera, a smart home camera designed for the family, let everyone go out, fearless at home.

Changhong micro Y4 camera, small and beautiful appearance, ceramic white and modern home environment without any sense of contradiction; installation, simple and convenient, wireless WiFi link, desktop display, wall paste can be used; use, fool-like operation, The old man and the child will see it at a glance; functionally, high-definition picture quality, night vision function, remote monitoring, voice call, automatic tracking, and two-way automatic detection and alarm of sound action... It is not a little bit convenient for our life.

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