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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence Nest Cam IQ

Artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid rate, and the emergence of AlphaGO will almost once again overwhelm the artificial intelligence boom that has been quiet for some time. Is there an artificial intelligence that is more suitable for home and life? After the acquisition of Nest, Alphabet is also looking for artificial intelligence directions for home surveillance cameras. Finally, Cam IQ home surveillance cameras seem to be the answer they give.

Alphabet for Cam IQ is equipped with Google's FaceNet recognition technology. With the support of this technology, Cam IQ can record any face and record the appearance of family members, distinguishing them from strangers. At the same time, Cam IQ also analyzes the audio and sends an audio alert to the owner when the microphone recognizes that the speaker or dog barking is out of range. Of course, it filters out the broadcast or TV sounds in the room in advance.

Cam IQ's camera has 8 megapixels and a shooting angle of about 130°, supporting 4K HDR video. However, we may not need too high definition video clarity in terms of surveillance, so the output is 1080P video. But if we want to observe a certain detail, magnifying the area by 4 times will also ensure the integrity of the picture details.

Cam IQ also includes a speaker that is 7 times stronger than the original lens, and three microphones for noise reduction and echo processing. The camera supports night mode, and two 940nm infrared LED lights give Cam IQ a better night vision.

NEST Cam IQ has been pre-sold in parts of the US for $299 (approximately RMB 2032). Be aware that this is $100 more expensive than the previous generation of NEST's home surveillance cameras, which may be what Apple believes is the value of artificial intelligence.

The author believes that this camera is expensive. Comprehensive comparison of various aspects, the average consumer will be more inclined to cost-effective home camera such as Changhong Micro brand camera is a good choice.


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