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The Three Pillars Of Security Cameras

Security in the era of artificial intelligence has three pillars: intelligent hardware, algorithms, and big data.


First of all, it is hardware. If the 2 million cameras in Beijing pass all of this data to the data center, what is the concept of bandwidth? The code stream of all the way HD video is generally 2-4 megabits.


A Gigabit Ethernet can theoretically only transmit 250 channels, but Gigabit Ethernet refers to the bandwidth of its baseband layer. HD video can't transmit 250 channels at all, and it can pass 100 channels, then 200. How much bandwidth does WAN need? If the hardware is not intelligent front-end, the data will not be transmitted to the data center.


So the first step, the intelligent front-end of the hardware, can detect, track and de-weight the target on the spot, capture key data, and do the initial processing at the front end, only the key data is gathered into the data center for processing, so as to form a Big data system.


Second, the algorithm. The front-end algorithm performs object detection and tracking. The algorithm at the back end is to identify the object and perform an accurate structural or characterization analysis on the image.


Last but not least, the big data analysis we want to do very deeply behind is not only based on visual images, but also put multimodal, large-scale data into it, such as communication records, e-mail, WeChat micro. Bo, vehicle trajectory, consumption records, etc. are all combined to make a very in-depth mining at the application level.

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