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The Advanced Technology Of The System Is The Guarantee And Basis Of The High Performance Of The System

CCTV surveillance system is a cross-industry comprehensive security system, the system uses the world's most advanced sensing technology, surveillance camera technology, communications technology and computer technology to form a multi-functional all-round monitoring of intelligent processing system. Closed-circuit television monitoring system because it gives the most direct visual and auditory experience, as well as the visibility of the monitored object, real-time and objectivity records

1, reasonable structure: It is necessary to use advanced and reasonable technology to structure the system so that the entire system safe and stable operation, and have good future expansion conditions.

2, stability and security: the system's advanced technology is the guarantee of high performance and the foundation, at the same time can effectively reduce the use of staff and system maintenance staff trouble. Good scalability is for the user's development considerations.

With the security engineering company monitoring system application time increases, the future security monitoring system requirements will be higher. Scalability Assurance When the user has more requirements, the introduction of new equipment can be smoothly with this equipment equipped to work together to further expand and improve the performance of closed-circuit monitoring system.

3, the mainstream products: closed-circuit monitoring system is used today's mainstream products, related to the overall quality of the system and the future can get good technical support and complete technical documentation.

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