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School Surveillance CCTV System Application

The management style of the campus has undergone great changes. For all major universities, there is a common feature: large area, scattered venues, fewer management personnel; more students and poor awareness; university laboratories, student activity centers, sports fields There are security risks in public places such as libraries, student dormitories, restaurants, teaching buildings, etc.; because of the students' self-consciousness, the cheating phenomenon is serious when the test is unsuccessful. Because the school's parking lot is unmanaged, college bicycle loss events often occur; therefore, a set of equipment A complete and advanced network video surveillance system can effectively solve these problems. The main principle of the network video surveillance system is: the network camera has an embedded chip built in, using an embedded real-time operating system. The video signal transmitted by the camera is digitized and compressed by a high-efficiency compression chip and transmitted to the Web server through a network bus. Users on the network can directly view the camera image on the web server by using a browser, and the authorized user can also control the action of the camera pan/tilt lens or operate the system configuration. Since the video compression is integrated into a small device, it can be directly connected to the Ethernet to achieve plug-and-play, eliminating various complicated cables, easy to install (only need to set an IP address), and the user's use is also Simple, just operate the software. Moreover, the implementation of the network video monitoring system can be realized only by utilizing the existing surplus fiber bandwidth in the campus network, thereby maximally saving the cost of the network video monitoring system and eliminating the wiring link in the traditional monitoring system.


      1. The system is designed in the Internet / Intranet architecture, using the campus network to transmit video signals, alarms and other signals. The management platform uses a wide-angle network video surveillance system based on the Browser / Server architecture.

      2. The whole system adopts the architecture design combining central centralized monitoring and regional monitoring. Each region is relatively independent, and the central monitoring center manages all regions in a unified manner.

      3. The central monitoring center installs the central monitoring server, which can display the important monitoring point screens of each area in real time, and perform operations such as recording, pan/tilt control, screen switching, and historical data query.

      4. Install cameras in classrooms, buildings, and important places in the campus; install detectors in school walls, gates, and doors, install alarms in the guard room; in various research rooms, finance rooms, warehouses, important laboratories, etc. Install the access control.

      5. According to the specific needs, the monitoring function is set in the central monitoring room, and the monitoring system can be operated.

      6, the school can link some of the camera real-time images to the campus network, show the world's school surveillance screenshots


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