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Requires Higher Video Recording Capacity And Response Speed

Closed-circuit television is often used in areas that require monitoring, such as banks, casinos, airports, military bases, campuses, police stations and convenience stores.

In the commercial area, CCTV systems can take note of the situation in other different areas from a central control room. For example, some places are not suitable for monitoring in person, you can install CCTV system continuous video or follow the instructions just to monitor certain specific events.

In the early years, CCTV systems used video tapes as storage media. In recent years, they have switched to single or multiple hard disks as storage media, eliminating the inconvenience of replacing video tapes and storing them. If higher video recording capacity and response speed are required, they are also used Disk array cards to enhance video storage capabilities.

At present, CCTV has developed into a new form of digital video recorder that records videos in large quantities and clearly for many years, and analyzes or manipulates the saved videos.

However, the daily property management security video is only kept for 7 days to 30 days as the community has legislation to regulate it. In the past, many crimes can be solved by closed-circuit video such as satyr, shop theft and robbery.

CCTV surveillance system is an important part of security technology to prevent system is an advanced comprehensive anti-precautionary system that can be directly monitored by the remote camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, PTZ, etc.) to be monitored Place of all the circumstances, but also with anti-theft alarm system and other security technology to prevent the linkage system operation, so that its ability to prevent more powerful. The main technical requirements of CCTV monitoring system are: definition of camera, transmission bandwidth of system, signal-to-noise ratio of video signal, standard of television signal, camera and so on.

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