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Provide And Maintain Safe, Clean And Tidy Homeowners And Users In Residential Areas

As the marketization of property continues to advance and the quality of living of the general public continues to improve, residents' demands for property security work are also constantly increasing. The objective of property management is to provide and maintain owners and users in residential areas Safe, clean and comfortable living environment, efficient and high-quality property security service is an important guarantee to ensure good public order in the property management area. Security is to protect residents' safety and work together to create a safe and comfortable living environment for residents. Team building, how to strengthen the management of the security system were discussed, with some guidance.

Security system which uses the interface between a domestic power source and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to provide authentication signals from a calling line authentication device (CLI) of a subscriber's PSTN telephone line. The authentication signal is required by security modules in devices such as televisions, video tape recorders, HiFi devices and the like.

The design is such that whenever a mains supply is connected to the protected device, the security module requests (via the power supply circuit) an authentication code. The telephone network interface identifies a request from the mains power circuit and causes a telephone call to be made to the security control center via the PSTN, which returns an authentication code. The interface to the telephone network identifies the request from the electrical multiple power circuit and causes a telephone call to the security control center to be established via the PSTN, which returns an authentication code. This authentication code is compared with an authentication code stored in advance in the device to be protected, and non-identity is used to prevent the power from being supplied to the operation circuit.

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