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Principle Of Surveillance Camera Video Working

The role of the surveillance video recorder in the monitoring project can not be underestimated, it can display the monitoring screen in real time, and the development of the surveillance video recorder in recent years is also quite huge, so what is its principle?

The monitoring recorders are based on the core chips used, some are based on digital signal processors (DSPs), from the system structure, there are PC card type or embedded integrated models; and some are based on application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), which are based on The structure of DSP is divided into different series, which are different depending on the DSP of different manufacturers; while the technology for processing video from video recorder (video compression format) is based on Wavelet, M-JPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG. - 2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and other video compression formats of many different models. In addition, whether it is a PC card type or an all-in-one model, even if the chips used are the same, the interface and functions of the application software are not the same. The PC-based single-card multi-channel DVR with different implementation principles needs to use time-division rotation to collect multiple video signals and record in M-JPEG compression format. The video compression algorithm based on interframe prediction loses its meaning, and only the intraframe compression algorithm can be used. Therefore, the DVR of this type independently performs JPEG compression processing on each frame of the captured image, and then forms an independent M-JPEG file corresponding to each frame of each input. In this way, it is obviously convenient to implement multi-channel acquisition. For example, it is convenient to accommodate up to 16 channels of video input regardless of the continuity requirement of the video picture, but for video only at a rate of 25 frames/s. For a video processing chip that collects signals, no matter how many video signals are switched to their inputs in turn, the "total resources" of 25 frames/s cannot be changed. Therefore, for this type of hard disk recorder, The maximum average frame rate of the road picture is only 25/16 = 1.56 frames/s (ideal value). Shortly after the introduction of single-card single-channel DVRs, manufacturers introduced multi-channel AV cards that integrate two or even four video processing chips (DSP or ASIC) on one card, so that two signals can be simultaneously implemented. Real-time acquisition and compression processing of 4-channel signals.

The improved surveillance video opportunity is more in line with people's needs, understands the implementation principle, and has a clear outline for the development of surveillance video recorders.

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