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Outdoor Camera Surveillance Your Yard Safety

Changhome has a new security camera, this time it is weatherproof and designed for outdoor use.

8 outdoor camera

The wholesale price of this outdoor camera is only ¥130. At the current exchange rate, the price in the United States is about $20. Outdoor view camera, HD live, night vision, abnormal sports, sound, person detection, alarm push. It also provides 24 hours of cloud storage. Currently cloud storage is a paid service. More consumers choose to use memory cards instead of expensive cloud services. This outdoor camera supports both built-in memory cards and cloud services. Let consumers have more choices. At present, it has won the favor of customers in the Chinese market, and customers have given high feedback.

2 outdoor camera

Many young consumers say they like the various cameras that Changehome has withdrawn from the market. Its unique sleek design and impressive performance help it stand out from other DIY home security cameras, and this outdoor camera is superior in both appearance and price. It is a very cost-effective product.

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