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Multi Kinds Of Surveillance Camera System

Type of surveillance camera:

It can be distinguished by appearance, material, function, transmission mode, etc. Generally, our common distinguishing methods are appearance and transmission.

The types of appearance are: hemisphere, ball machine, gun machine, etc.; the material is divided into metal, plastic, etc.; functions can be divided into: night vision infrared, near focus, far focus, alarm, indoor, outdoor waterproof, etc.; transmission mode can be divided into : Simulation, network, etc. Can also be divided into CCD and CMOS according to the chip.

The trend of surveillance cameras:

Digitization: With the overall digital development trend of surveillance systems, the digital development of camera products has become an inevitable trend.

Networking: The emergence of the network has greatly shortened the spatial distance between people, and the emergence of remote monitoring, video conferencing, distance learning and other applications, providing another space for the development of the camera market, along with telecommunications and IT technology. The development of network cameras is also growing.

System integration: Intelligent system is a combination of multiple types of products. As people's requirements for system integration increase, the integration of the entire system, and the compatibility and coordination of various products have become important factors for users to consider.

Intelligent: The level of intelligence is a hot spot for the promotion of many electronic products. Only the product is highly intelligent, and the installation and use are convenient. The products can be gradually popularized into the mass consumer field and expand into a larger market.

Integration: The integrated camera has day and night automatic conversion function, image masking effect, image rollover, image alarm (alarm for specific detection area) and so on. Like ordinary cameras, integrated cameras have also made new progress in digitalization and network functions, mainly digital processing technology, embedding IP processing modules in the integrated machine, with network functions; the other is target locking and automatic tracking. In theory, the automatic tracking function can be well implemented, but in the actual application, the multi-target tracking can only automatically select the largest target to lock.

Day and night color conversion: Due to the improvement of color display technology, the use of color cameras is increasingly widespread, but color cameras have higher requirements for ambient illumination, which limits its further development. In recent years, the emergence of day and night conversion cameras has solved this problem. Problem: Color monitoring is achieved when there is sufficient light, and black and white monitoring is achieved when the light is weak.

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