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Mobile Video Surveillance Camera Development

With the rapid development of video surveillance technology, users are meeting the needs of wired monitoring, and the demand and requirements for mobile surveillance are increasing. Especially for government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and special industries with long-term outdoor operations, traditional wired monitoring has been Unable to meet the handling of outdoor emergencies and special events. Although the current mobile video surveillance must reach a certain level in technology, it still faces many problems. So what are the development bottlenecks of mobile video surveillance technology? How does it affect us?

First, the data transmission aspect

Bandwidth and frequency resources are limited, and the bandwidth that can be achieved is much lower than that of wired networks. Since the effective bandwidth of a single terminal of a public mobile communication network is rather limited, it is often required to carry transmission services such as voice and data at the same time, and high-bandwidth video surveillance data is prone to packet loss, and the available bandwidth often fluctuates. The error rate of the wireless channel is relatively high. Especially when the terminal device is in a moving state, the available bandwidth and the bit error rate index are greatly reduced.

Second, network security

Security: For the network environment, security itself is a theory of relativity. Since many computer workstation agents need to be able to control all IP network behavior, the 3G network will eventually have to access the ordinary Internet line. Therefore, once the controller has obtained the corresponding IP address, the entire network can be fully controlled. And legitimate information may be leaked. Obviously, if a hacker invades your network, he will enjoy your pay, and it is a tragedy to break the money at this time.

Third, storage aspects

When data is aggregated to the center or stored at various nodes, the pressure on the central entrance bandwidth and the storage capacity are a big challenge. In the short term, distributed storage should also be the mainstream choice. For users, the value utilization of basic data is very low. If intelligence can help users extract the most valuable data from users in massive video and audio data. Centralized storage of this part of the data can greatly reduce the pressure and storage capacity of the central entrance bandwidth. Cloud storage has the characteristics of large capacity, convenient storage and fast. In terms of mobile video surveillance, it can watch video anytime and anywhere, and it will not cause loss of images due to damage or loss of local storage devices, and can realize online editing. Other features such as video sharing.

Fourth, the operator fee

For some mobile monitoring systems that need to work without downtime, the huge amount of data will generate high traffic charges, and the high traffic cost will affect the application range of mobile video surveillance in the future. Therefore, to further promote the market promotion of the mobile video surveillance service, operators need to flexibly customize the package mode of reasonable billing according to the differentiated characteristics of different target customer groups.

Fifth, Tariff

The cost of line transmission is also much higher than that of wired transmission, especially for users who need continuous monitoring for a long time. However, the current application of 4G networks, the decline in tariffs is an inevitable trend.

Sixth, network costs

Although the network charges of 3G and 4G are all reduced, the real-time preview and playback of surveillance video through the mobile phone network provided by the operator will still generate unacceptable traffic charges. In fact, current mobile surveillance relies on wifi wireless networks. However, China's current urban wifi coverage is still very debt, which will limit the development of mobile video surveillance to some extent.

Conclusion: In the field of mobile monitoring, it is still in its infancy. There are many bottlenecks in various countries. Enterprises cannot develop their own brands or products with strong functionality and high added value. Despite this, with the development of technology and the continuous popularization of services, the network signal coverage of the global and mobile video surveillance systems is becoming more and more mature and related regulations are being perfected, mobile video surveillance systems will surely usher in a broad market.

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