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How To Test A Professional Surveillance Camera

The test surveillance camera mainly tests the resolution and color reproduction, illumination and backlight compensation, and secondly measures the spherical distortion, power consumption and minimum working voltage. This paper conducts a test on the definition and color reproduction and illumination and backlight compensation. A brief introduction will let you know what the test elements of the surveillance camera are. The following picture shows the test pictures of common surveillance cameras, which we also call test cards.

1. Monitoring camera resolution

When testing multiple surveillance cameras, the same lens should be used (recommended for fixed focus, two variable lenses), and the center circle of the test card appears on the left and right sides of the monitor screen, and the number is clearly and accurately The tick marks a total of 10 sets of vertical lines and 10 sets of horizontal lines. They represent vertical and horizontal resolution, respectively, and the corresponding set of lines has been given. For example, when you see a higher value stripe, the higher the image resolution, the better the camera effect.

2. Surveillance camera color reduction test

First, observe the characters and costumes from a distance, see if there is any color distortion, compare the objects with bright colors, watch the sensitivity of the surveillance camera, and put the color album in front of the camera to see the clarity of the picture, too light or too thick, and respond again. The moving colored objects are photographed to see if there is color tailing, delay, blurring, etc. The common test method is to put a pot of green plants in front of the test, which can test the color reproduction degree and beautify the environment.

3. Surveillance camera illumination test

The surveillance camera is placed in the darkroom, and the active 220V self-igniting lamp is placed in front of and behind the darkroom. A voltage regulator is arranged to adjust the voltage of the darkroom to adjust the voltage of the darkroom. The voltage can be adjusted from 0V to 250V. The indoor illumination can also be adjusted from the darkest to the brightest. When the camera aperture is turned to the maximum during the test, the next minimum illumination value is recorded. (The active lamp is dimmed to the inside of the darkroom.) After hitting the minimum, the next minimum illuminance value is recorded, and the front and rear lights can be separately pressed and extinguished.

4. Surveillance camera backlight compensation test

There are two ways to test this parameter: one is to open the front side of the surveillance camera in the dark room, adjust to the brightest, then place a picture or text below the light, and the surveillance camera will be illuminated. Whether the image and text can be seen clearly, the picture is not glaring, and adjust the AL, AX pull switch to see if there is any change, which effect is best. The other is to take the camera out of the window in the sun, and see if the image and text can be seen clearly.

5. Surveillance camera ball distortion test

If the ball type is distorted, put the test card on the front of the surveillance camera so that the whole sphere appears on the screen. See if the sphere has an ellipse, move the camera forward, see if the center of the circle is enlarged, and then test the edge, corner, and frame at a distance. Whether there is arc distortion or the like.

6. Surveillance camera power consumption test

The minimum operating voltage, use a multimeter to measure the current, use a small regulator to adjust the voltage.

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