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How To Playback The Video

How to play back video on cellphone?

1.Ensure the SD card status is normal, and seting watching way is SD card.

2.And then 10 minutes later there will be some colorful bar on the Horizontal bar below video. (as the picture shows)

Color means there are recorded video.

Drag the blue line to the color block and the video will play back.




so far, our cameras only support play back on cellphone.if you want to play back on PC, you must need cloud storage service.

Question:how to use 1 month free cloud storage service?


First step: must click “Free experience” and then click “get now” at the first time camera connect to App.(The service will come up in the form of advertising, you have to click to get the service the first time it comes or you will lose it)

Second step: set Video viewing way as “cloud”


In particular, free cloud storage only supports the storage of motion video. If there is no motion in front of the camera, there is no recording, and the recording only saves video for nearly three days.


Warm tips:

If you loses the chance to get a free trial at the first time when the phone connects to the camera. You can use another phone to reconnected, if the second phone also miss click “Free experience” on the first time you connection, then try on the third phone. If all three cellphones you miss it. Only contact the cloud storage provider for assistance in restoring trial opportunities.

Remark:  Different camera will use for different App control. please check with us for the details instruction. 

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