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How To Install And Operate Wireless Camera

Foreword: Why install a wireless surveillance camera?

Today, surveillance cameras are more than just equipment for fire protection and theft prevention. The manufacturer's customized home wireless surveillance camera has many practical functions, which can be used to talk to the family's real-time voice and video. When an emergency occurs (old people, children fall; illegal intruders) can actively call the owner's mobile phone and promptly Inform the owner that the home-specific monitoring equipment can ensure both security and entertainment.

The installation of monitoring equipment is a technical activity. If there is no certain relevant technical foundation, it will encounter many difficulties. Fortunately, manufacturers have optimized the installation of home-specific monitoring equipment, which is already very easy compared with ordinary monitoring equipment. However, many first-time users still have problems during installation.

The biggest advantage of the wireless surveillance camera is that it realizes zero wiring in technology, which is not only beautiful but also convenient and easy to use. Below we will specifically introduce the working principle and installation method of the wireless surveillance camera.


1. How does the wireless surveillance camera work?

To achieve wireless monitoring, wireless surveillance cameras require a complete wireless transmission and reception system. First, let's take a look at the wireless monitoring transmitter system. In addition to the necessary wireless surveillance cameras, another indispensable component is the transmitter. With a launch system, there must be a receiving system, and that is the receiver. After the two corresponding systems are installed, by setting the audio and video monitored by the surveillance camera, the network can transmit the transcoded signal to the receiver through the transmitter, and the receiver then presents the received signal through transcoding. Come out, this is how wireless surveillance cameras work.

2. Wireless surveillance camera installation method

One: installation aids

One wireless router (must be a wireless router with an antenna), one cable with a crystal head at both ends, and one smart phone.


Two: installation and commissioning

First turn on the surveillance camera and turn on the wireless router. Next, connect the wireless router and the wireless surveillance camera with the network cable, and wait for the indicator light to indicate that the connection is successful, then the network cable can be disconnected. From now on, as long as you have not updated the router settings, you can automatically connect to your wireless router by simply powering up the camera.

Three: connect the phone

Install the client APP provided by the manufacturer on your smartphone. After the installation is complete, open the app, find the add camera, and then click the Scan QR code function below. Align the QR code on the bottom of the wireless camera to complete the APP. The camera is added, is it really amazing now that you can see the camera's screen and function on the phone? Does it feel very simple? (If you have any questions, please consult the relevant customer service staff at the factory).

The next step is even simpler.


Four: fixed camera

It should be noted that the fixed position of the camera must have a power outlet, because we have to always power the wireless camera to ensure it can run stably.

Finally, enjoy the fun of wireless monitoring.

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