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How To Install A Wireless IP Camera

The wireless camera monitoring system can be said to be a relatively common security system in the market. It can provide a safer and more reliable monitoring process. With the launch of such wireless camera products by different brands, many young consumers are available. Also vying to buy.

Although the wireless camera is simple to install, one can easily get it done. But to get a better view of the surveillance, the installation of the camera is still a little small installation skills.

So, how should the wireless camera be installed?

First step, the wireless camera monitoring system that is usually purchased on the market, is a complete set of equipment, and the camera can be used separately. In the past, additional devices such as infrared rays were required to be installed. Now the wireless camera has passed. Improvements and improvements no longer require other configurations, and the problem of these parts is solved directly in one stop.

The second step is to choose a place with a good viewing angle. The vertical wall or the top wall corner is a good place. It will not occupy the place when it is installed, and it will look very harmonious. Screw the screw directly into the wall with a screwdriver. The base is fixed to the wall with the screw, and then the camera is fixed on the base frame.

The third step, after installing the camera in a good viewing position, you need to connect it to the mobile phone system. At this time, you need to open the mobile phone and install the corresponding app on the camera. Currently, the camera app on the market supports Apple at the same time. Mobile phones and Android phones.

The fourth step, after downloading the app on the mobile phone, you need to register a private account, you can use the mailbox or you can register with your mobile phone number. Then follow the instructions to combine the operation on the App. After the phone and camera are successfully connected, you can enter the video monitoring interface on your mobile phone.

Finally, keep the routers in your home unblocked, so you can still use your mobile phone to monitor everything in your home, even in the field. However, it is recommended that when installing such a monitoring system, try to have a WIFI state, because the use of traffic is still relatively large.

Wireless camera transmission distance

Due to the difference in transmission distance between different brands of wireless cameras, it is usually determined according to the structure of the field use environment. If the same power is in an open environment, the transmission distance will be farther, but if there are many obstacles in the room, then The transmission distance will be closer. Therefore, everyone should choose the product that suits them according to their actual needs.

In fact, the wireless camera's transmission distance, environment and product resolution, pixels, etc. can have a direct impact. I hope that through the above brief introduction, we can have a deeper understanding of the installation and transmission distance of wireless camera monitoring.

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