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How To Find Out The Hidden Camera From Hotel

Nowadays, transportation such as automobiles, trains, high-speed trains, airplanes and so on is very developed and convenient. Geography is no longer a major obstacle to our dreams. And whether we travel or travel or travel, the most important thing to do is to live. The best choice for staying is a hotel. But now we often see the hotel hygiene problems, and hotel customers'privacy problems are emerging, which makes many people more worried about their personal privacy will be leaked, in fact, if we stay in the hotel, pay attention to these four potential hidden dangers of cameras, we can avoid many problems, early. See early benefit!


1. Wall decoration

Generally speaking, ordinary hotel wall decoration is very simple, white or beige light-colored patterns, such a wall at a glance, it is not easy to hide the camera. But if your higher-grade room is a dark, dark, patterned wall, then be careful to check, because these dark areas are likely to hide hidden camera hidden dangers, causing our privacy to be photographed, at any time may be leaked.


2, the socket next to the TV.

Television is the standard of a hotel room, and generally speaking, the TV in a hotel room is facing the bed. And in the TV socket next to the installation of cameras can photograph the vast majority of the residents'personal privacy, so for our residents, it is also a very big hidden danger, pay attention to check carefully before checking in, see clearly.


3. Air outlet

Generally speaking, the installation height of the air conditioner is about 1.8-2 meters, and the air outlet of the air conditioner is generally inclined downward. So air conditioning outlets are also the choice for criminals to install stealth cameras, we'd better be more on guard, check carefully before checking in.


4. Toilet exhaust fan

The bathroom is a great place for most of us to deal with our personal privacy. Whether it's bathing or changing clothes, most people will choose to do it in this place. The lawbreakers also choose to install stealth cameras here to steal the privacy of the guests, so we must check the toilet exhaust fan more to eliminate this hidden danger.

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