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How To Connect Camera To The WiFi

wireless camera How to connect with cellphone that can remote control camera?

1. Download App, App name is YCC365,

register an personal account from YCC365 APP.and log in YCC365 APP.

2. On YCC365 App click“Add Device”

3. Choose Intelligent camera and then Choose “add device by scanning the code” 



4. Next click“already reset”

5. Check your room wifi name and input your wifi password (wifi name an password have to correct,wifi name should in English,first time connetion cellphone must use the same wifi.)  ( Please make sure your WiFi router is 2.4GHz)

6. Click”confirm”

7. Raise the cellphone let camera scan the QR code on cellphone.until there are "Di Di" voice.

8. Tap ”already heard beep voice”

9. Put cellphone close to camera waiting for about 30s.

10.There will be a voice tell you connect successfully.and then you can click the camera on App to watch the real time video.



If step 10th give you a voice is connect fail, please use the stick to reset camera.as below:

blob blob

After reset successfully please do step 2th-10th again. 


Different camera will use different App, please check the specification details, and choose the correct App for the cameras.  

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