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How To Choose Home Security Camera

Wireless cameras on the market have WIFI wireless network cameras, cheap, mature technology, installation does not need wiring. Installation and deletion of cameras is more convenient, the cost of Internet access is relatively low. The distance between the network camera and the wireless router is generally within the range of 30-100 meters. If the distance is beyond this range, the location of the wireless router needs to be adjusted to ensure that the camera can better receive the WiFi signal.

Considering the maturity, low price and low cost of WIFI wireless camera, most consumers choose WIFI wireless camera as a part of their home intelligence. WIFI wireless cameras are embedded with an operating system that allows remote access to real-time webcams through Web browsers and mobile terminals, and allows administrators to manage and control webcams at any time and anywhere.

The first is the size and weight of the equipment. Light and compact equipment is easy to install and easy to hide. It is the best choice for safety monitoring. When installing the equipment, you can fix it on the ceiling, partition wall or glue it to the household appliances without using tools. Medium-sized, with a base or bracket camera, cheap, but installation must use hammer or electric drill, use expansion bolts fixed to the wall, not easy to conceal, installation complex, is not recommended. Next is the choice of night vision function, night vision function needs infrared auxiliary light source. The price is a little more expensive, but for theft-proof detection effect is very good.

Once again is the choice of brand, the best choice of home security wireless camera R & D production capacity of the product, although the monitoring effect is not as good as professional image manufacturers, but easy to use, simple configuration, late use process problems can also be faster response.

Finally, the image sharpness requirements, high-definition network camera resolution 640x480, can basically meet the needs of daily monitoring, and cheap, is the mainstream of the market. 720P or 1080P high-definition cameras, good monitoring effect, clear image, relatively cheap, is the preferred home camera.

Selection of wireless router

Wireless router is an essential wireless product for families. It is inexpensive and easy to use. At present, cameras on the market can not adapt to the frequency of 5GHz router. So the suggestion is to buy the router of 2.4GHz to better experience the smoothness of the real-time camera.

Selection of hard disk video recorder

If the home wireless video surveillance system is used for theft-proof alarm at the same time, it is better to add a network-type hard disk recorder (NVR) to connect people to the wireless router, as a video mobile detection, anti-theft cloth and video host. Current home cameras support direct TF storage cards, so this is more convenient, in addition, cloud storage is also a good choice. Cloud storage, data security.

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