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How Is The Fisheye Camera Works

The fisheye surveillance camera refers to a surveillance camera with a lens of 1.28mm or 1.67mm or even a smaller lens. Generally, the normal monitoring angle can be above 180 degrees, and the image becomes rounded and vertical. The line is a lone line and the image is severely deformed, mainly for overall monitoring. It is an emerging monitoring mode in the field of video surveillance in recent years. The simple understanding is to realize the monitoring of the entire scene. If the video images captured by multiple cameras at the same time are poorly correlated, the operator is within the scope of monitoring. The continuous monitoring of a moving object brings a certain degree of difficulty, and the fisheye camera plays its role.

Fisheye Camera Location Application:

1. It is only necessary to monitor the entire situation of the entire site, and no need for details, such as a wide range of public places, traffic pivots, and traffic intersections. In these occasions, it is only necessary to install a camera at the commanding height to realize panoramic monitoring. At this time, a fisheye camera can be used to meet the panoramic monitoring in one place.

2, in the monitoring site with special attention to detail, at the same time achieve no dead angle monitoring, such as banks, supermarkets, shopping malls. In these places where robbery and theft of security incidents are prone to occur, the suspect's crime path.

3, not only need to monitor the overall situation, but also highlight the special circumstances, early warning to capture the scene of the event, so that the basic functions of the panorama while achieving the focus of the effect, but also a feature, while achieving monitoring results and costs Take care of both.


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