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How Does Wifi Camera Works

An infinite camera is a network camera that transmits wireless signals. It is used in many work and public places, so what is the working principle? Let's take a look at the principle of wireless wifi camera together!

Wireless camera introduction:

A wireless network camera is a network camera that transmits video signals over a wireless network. The difference from a normal network camera lies in the way video signals are transmitted. Different from the wireless transmission mode, there are two kinds of wireless network cameras, one is a wireless wifi network camera, and the other is a network camera that uses a mobile communication carrier 3G wireless signal for signal transmission.

The principle of wireless wifi camera

First connect the wireless network surveillance camera to the router (with network), connect the antenna, then connect the power supply. After power-on, check the network indicator (orange) (green) next to the network jack. From now on, if the normal machine will perform a self-test.

Install the software, MonitorClient is the client of the computer, Yoosee is the mobile terminal. Or the CD-ROM included in the box also has a client installation program (according to the product purchased by the customer, check the corresponding mobile phone and computer software on the manual).

Click "Add a new camera here" in the screen, and the window for adding a camera will pop up. Method 1: Enter the UID in the text box under the device ID or directly press the “Scan” button to scan the phone. Scan the phone scan box against the bar code. When “Di”, the scan is successful, then the UID of the camera. It will appear in the device ID column. Method 2: Click “Search” to search for the camera in the same LAN.


When the surveillance camera displays “Online”, click the gear on the right side of the camera, then enter the modification page of the surveillance camera, click “WIFI Settings”, select the router to be connected in the list, enter the WIFI password of the router, and complete the setting of WIFI. Problem, you can finally unplug the camera's network cable, wait for the camera to reboot and connect to WIFI.

After completing the above steps, the software remembers the ID of the device, so you don't need to add it anymore, you can use the wireless WIFI network to monitor the mobile computer.

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