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As a front-end product in the security industry, the role of security cameras in the security industry is self-evident. In real life, security cameras are densely distributed in every corner of the city, and people have long been accustomed to the existence of cameras.

With the number of video surveillance per thousand people as the target, previous statistics show that the city with the highest density of surveillance cameras in the country is Beijing, with 59 cameras per thousand, but only equivalent to the UK average (75) 80%, 60% of the US average (96). Second- and third-tier cities have lower coverage of cameras. According to incomplete statistics, the number of cameras in second-tier cities in China is between 50,000 and 100,000; in third-tier cities, it is below 50,000. In terms of camera density, the camera density in second- and third-tier cities is much lower than 10/1000. The low number of per capita security equipment and the imbalance in security areas provide a broad space for the development of domestic security cameras. Domestic security cameras still have much room for improvement in the future.

In addition, according to the number of US Information Service, more than 245 million video surveillance cameras have been installed worldwide, and more than 30 million surveillance cameras have been installed in China. At the same time, the global and domestic surveillance camera sales market is still expanding year by year. Only tens of thousands of petabytes of data will be generated each year in China.


Video and bayonet generate massive amounts of data. It is becoming more and more difficult to analyze and process this information manually. It is no longer possible to use human tactics for retrieval and analysis. The most direct solution is to improve the efficiency of the monitoring system, use artificial intelligence technology, analyze video content in real time, detect abnormal information, and conduct risk prediction.

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