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Home Camera Demand Status In Nowadays

With the improvement of living standards and living environment, more and more people are aware of the importance of home security. According to China Tmall platform consumption big data, Tmall network camera shipment growth rate increased from 31% in 2017. Up to now, 77%, the search volume increased by 94%, much higher than other household consumer goods. In order to meet the different needs of consumers for home security, the special category of the super category on October 11th to 12th, 2018.

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Home security is the most rigid requirement for security camera consumption. As a rare visual device for smart home systems, the camera is very intuitive in terms of security protection and can provide a strong guarantee for home security. The user can remotely view the home situation in real time through the camera. Once an abnormality occurs, an audible and visual alarm is immediately issued and the alarm signal is transmitted to the cell monitoring center to retain valid evidence. In addition to remote viewing, the current smart camera also has infrared night vision, two-way voice, high-definition playback and other functions, which can fully guarantee the family safety property and user personal safety.

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The special campaign of the camera created by Super Category Day is conducive to building industry benchmarks, reaching consumers and completing the consumption upgrade of the public security life. At the same time, the security enterprises represented by Haikang and Dahua also took on the responsibility of cultivating user habits and began to penetrate the home security surveillance market.

Based on 20 years of industry experience, Changhome Microelectronics has been committed to the development and production of home cameras, and strive to provide customers with cost-effective home cameras. Changhome has occupied the top three positions in China Tmall. The future market will be immeasurable!

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