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High Cost Of Security City Operation And Maintenance In Smart Cities, How To Crack?

The construction of a smart city has become an irreversible historical trend in the development of today's world cities. As the construction of smart cities continues to advance, the scale of security video surveillance systems is also accelerating. These ever-increasing and large-scale security equipments have greatly increased the maintenance and management work in the later period, which poses new challenges to the security operation and maintenance links that play an important role in realizing the sustainable development of smart cities.

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(1) Reasonable planning at the initial stage of construction, focusing on improving the intelligence of products

(2) Integration of security operations and big data technologies

(3) Introducing the operation and maintenance service outsourcing model to improve the quality and level of employees

Wireless IP camera products

Security operation and maintenance management plays an important role in the development of smart cities and is one of the keys to ensuring the normal operation of smart cities. To solve the problem of high security and maintenance cost in smart cities, to achieve "construction" and "operation and maintenance", to avoid the phenomenon of "built and useless, built and not managed", is a key point in building a smart city.

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In the development process of smart cities, many security products similar to Changehome  intelligent monitoring boxes are actively promoting the improvement of smart city security operation and maintenance efficiency. A more intelligent and efficient future is bound to come.

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