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FAQ For Using Yoosee App On Mobile Phone

Yoossee software usage FAQ

1 Q: Prompt password error when viewing live video

A: The device access password may have been changed by the family. You can re-enter the correct remote access password in the pop-up dialog box.

If you forget the remote access password of the camera, it is recommended to press and hold the "Reset" button to restore the device to the initialization state and re-add the camera.

2 Q: The device list is prompted to go offline

A: Please check if the camera is properly connected to the network and check if the network indicator is always on.

Please check if the router network is normal.

3 Q: What should I do if the mobile app does not receive the push?

A: Check whether the alarm item and alarm push are enabled in the alarm setting and confirm that it has been armed. Whether the Android mobile background process is prohibited by the system (safety housekeeper or the like).

4 Q: What to do with motion detection false positives

A: Update the device firmware ( or higher) and APP ( or higher) to adjust the sensitivity in the app device settings, or adjust the configuration file md_level = 3 (1~6, the smaller the more sensitive) .

5 Q: Failed to search for video files during playback of video

A: Please check if the SD card is damaged.

Please check the retrieval time of the video file and check the system time of the camera.

6 Q: The camera cannot connect to WiFi

A: Confirm that the WIFI password is correct.

The camera does not support 5G WiFi, please connect the phone to 2.4G WiFi;

The router cannot open options such as AP isolation and anti-smashing network to limit WiFi access.

7 Q: AP device cannot be found in the WiFi list of the phone

A: The firmware version is not supported.

The distance between the phone and the device is too far.

Note: Many users leave a message saying that they can't watch the second mobile phone. It is because the security algorithm was changed after the news report leaked by the camera last year. Now the second mobile phone needs the first mobile phone, that is, the administrator shares the second mobile phone. Watch on the mobile phone.

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