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Ensure The Same Image Quality And SLR

"The most fashionable in the professional machine, the most professional in the fashion machine," has become a "micro-single" camera different from SLR cameras and digital camera card subtext. "Micro single" camera uses the same specifications SLR camera sensor, cancel the optical viewfinder SLR camera components, there is no prism and mirror structure, greatly reducing the lens mount to the photosensitive element distance, so you can get the ratio SLR compact body, but also ensure the same image quality and SLR.

Miniature industrial cameras are industrial cameras used in the industrial field with a total volume of not more than 70mm × 25mm × 25mm, lenses and a camera, and have a specific industrial application environment or a special application mode.

In some industrial environments, limitations on the volume of the appearance, including imaging quality, must be imposed because of space or functional limitations. Therefore, miniaturized industrial cameras that meet the requirements and are suitable for the system can be used.

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