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Easy To Install Smart IP Camera

After the concept of smart home fired, a lot of smart home products swarmed, and the most popular one is the home camera. The first thing that makes a name is the small ant camera. Then smart home camera manufacturers have sprung up in the market.

The appearance of the home smart camera looks very round, because it can rotate in four directions: up and down, left and right. It consists of two parts. Below we can see it as a "base" with components such as motors to achieve the angle. Change, and the above is the core area of its camera function, and such a "base" plus a spherical camera, there is really no sense of violation in the shape. However, its size is indeed larger than those of cameras that cannot be rotated.

In terms of materials, the home smart camera uses ABS substrate, the surface is treated with specular highlights, and the visual effects and feel are good. Of course, the biggest feature of this smart camera is its support of four directions of rotation, it uses a dual motor without cantilever design, 355 degrees can be selected in the horizontal direction of the base, and can achieve 120 degrees of viewing angle conversion in the vertical direction.


The home smart camera is controlled by the "YCC365" app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. After opening the app and registering to log in, you can click the "+" plus button in the upper right corner and select "Smart Camera". Then you can follow the instructions in the app to connect this smart camera to WiFi step by step. At this time, you are also successful. Bind it to your account.

Once the binding is complete, we can click on the smart camera in the list to view the picture. After entering, we can find that the whole interface is very simple, the upper part is the image area, and the middle one is the time axis. If there is video recording, you can drag the cursor to the target time period. On the right side of the screen, you can also adjust the sharpness of the screen. The switching speed is still relatively fast, and the screen can also be viewed in full screen.


For such a device, the clarity and smoothness of the picture is more important. In this respect, the smart camera does a good job. In the normal mode, the user can select three modes: smooth, high-definition and ultra-clear mode. Although the traffic consumption is relatively high, the picture quality has indeed improved a lot.

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The convenience of the screen is a sign of a microphone, and the call mode can also select two kinds of high and low picture quality, and the clarity of the voice is also good. After long-term experiment and testing by the R&D team, the firmware has been replaced, and the operation fluency has indeed improved. However, there are occasions when the camera is delayed or not rotated after clicking the direction button, so the operation part is still improved. Space.

Smart cameras do have a strong appeal to users who have older children or pet owners at home, especially for those who are more concerned about home security. The price of this smart camera is more competitive than similar products. The ability to adjust the angle also improves his practicality and functionality, and has greater selectivity.

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