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Camera Intelligence Is The Trend Of The Times

Security cameras are an important part of intelligent security monitoring, in social security monitoring, safe city, Skynet project, environmental protection, hazardous chemicals transportation monitoring, food safety monitoring, important bridges, buildings, rail transit, water conservancy facilities, municipal pipes The infrastructure security monitoring, early warning and emergency linkages, such as the network, play an active role. With the advancement of projects such as Safe City and Smart City, surveillance cameras have been scattered all over the streets. However, the traditional video cues based on human tactics have consumed a lot of manpower and material resources. Security monitoring is high-definition and intelligent. The requirements for networking and digitization are getting higher and higher. Intelligent camera is also the trend of the times.


Due to the fact that AI technology and supply chain resources are uneven, many traditional security companies compensate for their shortcomings by investing in and acquiring AI companies. For example, in 2008, AXIS, BOSCH, and Sony, the three giants in the global video surveillance field, announced cooperation, and the opening and cooperation of enterprises in the security field is growing. In 2015, Infinos acquired Zangyu Technology, Gaoxin acquired Chuanglian Electronics, and Dongfang Netpower acquired six new technology companies including Huaqi Intelligent and Power Yingke. In 2016, Hikvision acquired the British alarm company SHL, Jiadu acquired Huazhiyuan. , Eastern Net Power once again invested in love eyes and ears, several wisdom sources and so on.


Before the beginning of 2017, camera module manufacturers such as Haoyu, Oufeiguang, Zhuo Ruitong, Guangzhou Daling, Bo Lixin, Zhonghe Group and camera chip maker OV all had capital actions. The capital action in 2017 is mainly reflected in Qiu Ti, Apple, Amazon and Guanghaojie and Haowei. From the industrial layout of the industry and the expansion of the external market as the dominant point, the market is expanded by the market outlet, and the ultimate goal is still to seize the market share.

At present, the security market is gradually becoming clear, and has formed a pattern of “two super and many strong”. Hikvision and Dahua shares lead the market, and the second echelon companies such as Dongfang Netpower, Jiadu, Suzhou and Hanwang are catching up. When the operation of new technologies, especially after the formal application of AI applications, the investment or acquisition of AI technology companies has become the most effective way to upgrade and upgrade traditional security companies, and AI+ security companies will also face increased industry concentration and market share. The baptism of the ministry will also usher in the first wave of closures in 2018.

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