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3G Monitoring Camera Equipment Application

With the maturity of 3G networks, the deepening of triple play, the implementation of M2M strategy, and the deployment of wireless cities, the future telecom operation-level video surveillance platform will adopt unified media formats and control signaling to support cloud platform deployment and virtual storage. Fully compatible with carrier-class operational network management. Video surveillance will serve as a sub-product package for operators' unified services, and will enter the market of users and households in the government, enterprises and other industries in different business models. 3G wireless video surveillance will become a convenient and convenient application that is more and more familiar to the industry and mass users.

However, just like the development of network video surveillance in previous years, the development of 3G technology does not mean that the wireless video surveillance market will be widely used in one or two years. On the contrary, this first few years is precisely the painful period of the wireless surveillance market. Regardless of the maturity of technology application, the improvement of the network (including the construction of a network based on the combination of fixed and wireless technologies), the change of consumer attitudes, the transformation of business models, etc., the maturity of the entire market will take some time. During this time, the market and technology will complete the integration of upstream and downstream manufacturers such as chip and device manufacturers, monitoring equipment manufacturers, monitoring application platform developers, distributors and system integrators, end customers and operation and maintenance service providers. 3G wireless video surveillance solution providers will bind their respective security vendors, provide final solutions based on network construction, and continuously optimize existing products and enrich the entire product line; operators will also build and improve their respective networks. Fierce competition with the use of: starting from the erection of base stations, signal coverage and tariff services to capture more markets.

It is worth pointing out that 3G currently mainly uses CDMA technology as its core technology, but its data transmission speed is far less than 2Mbps claimed in the advertisement, and its actual transmission speed is only about 0.4Mbps, and this may be even when the network is busy. One third of a speed can't be reached. This condition is only sufficient to transmit high quality audio, and it is difficult to transmit high quality video. Moreover, in order to combat multipath interference, CDMA technology requires more complicated equalization and modulation, which is very difficult to implement. In order to promote the development of 3G and mobile transmission of high-quality video, people have studied the advantages of OFDM technology into the CDMA system, thus introducing a technology combining CDMA and OFDM, namely CDMA-OFDM technology. In this way, it is possible to overcome the shortcomings of the CDMA actual transmission speed (0.4 Mbps) and the like, and can adapt to high-speed (>10 Mbps) wireless network video communication. Therefore, the combination of CDMA and OFDM transmission technology will greatly promote the development of mobile video surveillance systems, making it the most widely used. Therefore, in the process of 3G moving to 4G,

It can be said that the maturity of a market is complex and subtle, but this trend will be beyond doubt. In the process of 3G to 4G, the spring of wireless video surveillance is still very worth looking forward to.

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