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1080P Waterproof Outdoor Starlight Camera

There's no need to retrieve the camera in order to see what's happening. You can stay connected to the device and keep track of the video feed in real time. And since the camera draws power straight from the socket, you don’t have to worry about charging or battery life when you're away.

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Product Details

what is IP camera


1.Newest outdoor starlight ip camera

2.Support the use of mobile phones to view real-time video and playback
3.Support the use of mobile phones for local video and screenshots
4.Support alarm information screenshot push
5.The real implementation of wireless installation
6.Comes with 3 1W starlight white LED lighting, can be used when the camera
7.Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
8.Local storage: maximum support 64G TF card. Support cloud service
9.Voice intercom: two-way voice
10.Image resolution: 1.3MP

oem service

With night vision recording, even dark areas are displayed with clarity. 

When installed in a ceiling fixture, the camera is well-placed to capture everything in a large room, office or hallway. 

The included extender socket gives you access to hard-to-reach fixtures and lets you maneuver the camera for better viewing angles.

Real image from our customer in Vietnam.


Exchange or Repair

About Installation:

This camera is easy to install, mobile connect simple and easy, we can provide instruction online at anytime. 

About OEM:

Custom design is accept. You can send us your design of the outside case or Logo ,we can open mold and print or emboss any logo for you. 

About Visiting:

Here we sincerely invite you come to our factory have a visit, then we can discuss face to face. And you can have a check of our factory here.

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