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You can shake and monitor at random

PTZ built two motors. One of these two motors is responsible for horizontal rotation and the other for vertical rotation. Horizontal angle of rotation is generally 350 degrees. Vertical rotation is 45 degrees, 35 degrees, 75 degrees and so on. The horizontal and vertical rotation angle can be adjusted by the limit switch.

In the selection of PTZ, it is best to use the PTZ camera fixed position installed on the control input and network video input and output port of the PTZ, and between the fixed part and the rotating part (ie with the camera) The use of soft spiral formed camera and lens control input line and video output line connection. Such a PTZ installation will not be used after long-term use of the rotating part of the connection damage. Especially for outdoor use PTZ more so.

The minimum ambient illumination of the surveillance site shall be ten times the minimum illumination (sensitivity) required by the camera.

Color cameras with low outdoor illumination or ambient light should not be more than 1.01x (F1.4) or with color cameras that automatically convert to black and white when light is low. A typical PTZ is wired and controlled Haeundae Control line input has five, one of the public power supply, the other four are divided into upper, lower, left and right control side. If one end of the power supply is connected to the common terminal and the other end of the power supply is connected to the "upper", the PTZ camera drives the camera head to turn upwards, and the rest are analogous.

There are PTZ built-in relays and other control circuits, such PTZ often have six control inputs. One is the power of the public side, the other four are up, down, left and right, and one is automatically turned. When one end of the power supply is connected to the common end and the other end of the power supply is connected to the "Auto" end, the PTZ will automatically rotate the camera head up, down, left and right with the camera head at a certain rotation speed.

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