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What is NVR

The NVR is an abbreviation for (Network Video Recorder). The most important function of the NVR is to receive the digital video code stream transmitted by the IPC (Network Camera) device through the network, and store and manage it, thereby realizing the distributed architecture advantage brought by the network. Simply put, with Nvr, you can simultaneously view, browse, play back, manage, and store multiple webcams. Get rid of the computer hardware, no longer need to face the tedious installation software. If all cameras are networked, then the only way to go is to have a centralized management core.

In recent years, with the rapid development of IP networks, the video surveillance industry has also entered a fully networked era. The video surveillance industry in the era of full network is gradually showing the characteristics of the IT industry. As the core product of networked monitoring, NVR (Network Video Recorder) has essentially become an IT product. The main function of the NVR is to receive digital video streams transmitted by IPC (network camera), DVS (video encoder) and other devices through the network, and store and manage them.

To put it simply: NVR (NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER), also known as network video recorder, is a type of video recording device that is used in conjunction with a network camera or video encoder to record digital video transmitted over a network.

Its core value lies in video middleware, which is widely compatible with the encoding formats of different digital devices of various manufacturers through video middleware, thereby realizing the advantages of distributed architecture and component access brought by network.

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