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What is High-speed Dome Camera


The intelligent high-speed ball is a highly integrated product that integrates a pan/tilt system, a communication system, and a camera system. The power supply is supplied between the power supply system and the system. In many places, the diodes, transistors, and other micro-current power supplies are used. Cpu is the basis for all functions to function properly.

The intelligent high-speed ball uses the "precision differential stepping motor" to achieve fast and accurate positioning and rotation of the high-speed ball. It is implemented by the instructions sent by the CPU. Then, the image of the camera and the function of the camera are written into the cpu of the intelligent high-speed ball, so that when the pan/tilt is controlled, the image is transmitted, and many functions of the camera, such as white balance, shutter, aperture, zoom, Functions such as focusing are simultaneously controlled.


The intelligent automatic tracking high-speed dome camera uses a high-speed DSP chip to perform differential calculation on the image, which can automatically recognize the direction of motion of objects within the visual range, and automatically control the pan/tilt to track moving objects. In addition to the high-definition auto-zoom lens, all the movements of the object are clearly transmitted to the monitoring center during the time when the target object enters the line of sight of the intelligent tracking dome until it leaves, providing a reliable schedule for the shift center. evidence. The intelligent automatic trackball is similar to the intelligent high-speed ball and is also suitable for traditional closed-circuit monitoring systems. The intelligent automatic tracking function is integrated inside the dome. To enable this function, you only need to directly call the function presets through the matrix, control keyboard or DVR system.

In addition to the full functionality of the intelligent high-speed dome, the intelligent automatic trackball takes a step further in the intelligent design of the dome. Mainly used in some important unattended places, such as equipment room, warehouse.

Smart ball products have powerful video analysis capabilities, support for motion detection alarms and automatic target tracking. The motion detection alarm function allows the customer to set multiple detection areas in the pre-made scene. When there are people or objects in these areas, the alarm output is automatically linked. The automatic target tracking function is that the dome camera can continuously track the moving target of the pre-made scene, automatically adjust the zoom of the camera according to the distance of the moving target, and the dome automatically returns to the pre-made scene when the moving target disappears.

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