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What is Auto-tracking Camera

Automatic tracking

Automatic tracking is a process of automatically following a target and performing coordinate observation and measurement by a follower system according to a certain characteristic of the signal.

Automatic tracking is a system that continuously tracks and measures the parameters of moving targets. Auto-tracking targets are vehicles, ships, aircraft, missiles, and satellites that move at a certain speed and acceleration. Automatic tracking provides spatial positioning, attitude, structural behavior and performance of moving targets. It is a versatile and high-precision tracking and measuring method for moving targets. Automatic tracking consists of position sensors, signal processing systems, servo systems and tracking frames. .

System composition and classification

The automatic tracking system consists of position sensor, signal processing system, servo system and tracking frame. The automatic tracking system is classified according to different sensors: the electromagnetic tracking system is called radio tracking system; the optical wave characteristic is called optical (photoelectric) tracking. system.

Automatically tracked dome camera improves monitoring performance of security technology

1. The monitoring system of the dome camera with automatic tracking will be active monitoring.

Most monitoring systems are reactive. The method used by this monitoring system is to look at the video tape or hard disk afterwards and study what happened at that time. It is a passive monitoring method. For a self-tracking dome camera, when motion is detected, the camera sends a signal to instruct the camera to actively track the target, while increasing the recording frequency of the recording and alerting the operator, after the intruder is locked, the operator is automatically tracked. It is an active monitoring method to immediately study images that break into the scene and take action to stop crime.

2. The work of the operator becomes easier and more efficient

Under normal circumstances, an operator should monitor multiple screens and control the camera's joystick at the same time. With the automatic tracking of the dome camera, the camera monitors itself. Once the motion is detected, it automatically completes zooming, tracking, recording, and alarming. So that the operator does not need to stare at the screen and can do other work.

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