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The Safety Problem Of Smart IP Camera Products

A survey of the consumer groups of smart home cameras on the market today shows. The main reason for purchasing a home camera is that there are elderly people, children or pets in the family who need to take care of them. However, due to work reasons, they cannot stay at home for long-term care. At this time, the home smart camera can play a role instead of observation. Second, it is for family security. Need to place the camera at the door and use it as a security camera. People who buy home smart cameras are basically purchased for home security reasons. However, these cameras, which are often used to protect home security, are sometimes the "culprits" of revealing family privacy.

In the past, we had to install some professional-grade security cameras. In addition to a large cost on the equipment, sometimes it may require professionals to install and maintain, and the overall cost is very high. The home smart cameras that appear now, in addition to their relatively low price, are relatively simple to install, and the overall cost can be said to be very low. However, at the same time of low cost, these cameras also have certain security risks.

The security problem of the home smart camera is actually not a day or two. A TV station's report on a home camera, it was mentioned that a large number of home cameras were invaded, and some people took the "real-time image" of these home smart cameras by breaking the camera's IP address, user name and password. The price tag is sold to the voyeur, and there is even a picture of the family bedroom.

While the home smart camera has been cracked, in addition to the problems that may bring family privacy, some lawless elements may also use the method of cracking the camera to implant some still images to blind users who use the home smart camera, thus achieving some illegal purposes. For example, stealing.

According to the test of network security experts, some cloud platforms are very easy to be cracked. If different brands of vendors use the same cloud platform to store background data, they can also view real-time images transmitted by home smart cameras across brands. If the user uses a low-intensity username and password on the home smart camera, the difficulty of cracking is greatly reduced.

The problem of security in the home smart camera itself is not a good thing for users and manufacturers. Both manufacturers and users need to take some measures to improve the security of home smart cameras.

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