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The higher the resolution, the lower the frame rate

To do image processing, the object is processed from industrial cameras to the image, so the choice of industrial cameras is an indispensable and very important step.

The first thing to figure out is their own testing tasks, is the static or dynamic camera, the frequency of photography is how to do defect detection or size measurement or positioning, the size of the product (field of vision) is how much, how much precision needs to be achieved, the use of Software performance, how the scene environment, there are no other special requirements. If the dynamic camera, the speed is the number, according to the speed of motion to choose the minimum exposure time and the need for progressive scan camera; and the camera's frame rate (the highest camera frequency) with pixels, usually the higher the resolution the lower the frame rate, The frame rates of industrial cameras of different brands are slightly different; the resolution of the required industrial cameras can be calculated according to the detection task, the size of the product, the resolution required, and the performance of the software used; the most important consideration in the field environment is Temperature, humidity, interference conditions and lighting conditions to choose a different industrial camera.

1. High-speed real-time uncompressed image recording, real-time display, set the speed echo;

2. The system adopts the recording mode of writing data directly to the hard disk, solves the problem of short recording time of the traditional memory recording mode and solves the problem that the transmission speed of the traditional collecting system is limited by the bandwidth of the PCI bus;

3. Guarantee 100% do not lose the frame, have solved the problem that the traditional memory recording mode is easy to lose the frame, lacking the power cut protection;

4 systems work independently, almost does not occupy computer resources, high reliability;

5. A system that can support multiple boards and cameras, while tracking multiple targets;

6 support for a variety of external signal overlay fusion;

7. Support a variety of image formats, a variety of hardware and software external trigger function;

8. Software interface is simple, easy to secondary development and real-time processing.

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