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The Difference Between Commercial Camera And Home Camera

Under the background of rapid development of security industry, civil security products have gradually entered people's horizons. Since then, security monitoring is no longer exclusive for commercial use. Some people in the industry even predict that in the near future, once mysterious security products will be available for people to buy like a dazzling array of ordinary goods.

There are many differences between commercial security products and ordinary consumer household security.

Appearance and image are different.

Household security equipment has changed from the previous commodity monitoring equipment, the appearance of a more rounded, no edges and corners of the outline, but a little more aesthetic sense of home decoration. Commercial surveillance cameras are mostly gun and ball machines. Although smaller hemispheric surveillance cameras have emerged, the installation of ceiling can not be avoided. Punch holes in the walls? This is by no means a feature of home surveillance cameras; from the material point of view, most use baking paint, small size, mostly placed, without destroying any wall.

Demand determines the market, household monitoring equipment is more indoor or courtyard use, if the appearance is too angular, may appear with the existing home contrast is too big, so that users are difficult to accept. On the contrary, this kind of humanized design will make monitoring equipment and home decoration integrated, it is not only the guardian of the family is also a part of home decoration.

Home monitoring is equivalent to HD monitoring?

Many people will think that the requirements of home users for image quality is not high, in fact, otherwise, to the current mainstream market products, home surveillance cameras start is HD. The image resolution is basically 720P (1 megapixel camera). Compared with traditional surveillance cameras, home surveillance is equipped with a higher starting point.

The main reason for manufacturers to do this is to cater to market demand, home control and shopping malls, office monitoring slightly different, the latter more control points, just need to place high-definition cameras in important locations, for non-key areas to achieve auxiliary monitoring, can choose a high number of analog monitoring cameras, reduce investment costs and maintenance. Ben. However, there are fewer control points in the family. Considering that only for the elderly and children in the family, most users will choose a single control point, so the requirements for the surveillance camera are more specific, not only to be "visible", but also to be "visible".

Secondly, most of the users of home surveillance cameras are young consumers, they have a strong acceptance of new products, manufacturers are aiming at such businesses, why not product "one step in place". High definition is the trend of surveillance, will young people still choose products with lower image levels? Clearing up these problems may not be the reason why home surveillance locates HD.

Mobile monitoring becomes hotspot

Supporting real-time video surveillance of mobile terminals is the biggest feature and the biggest selling point of home surveillance cameras. Unlike full-time property security, consumer users do not have time to do 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring, in order to make monitoring more convenient, the combination of smart mobile devices has become the core function of the product.

Most home surveillance cameras support wireless network transmission. With the rapid development of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets, major security manufacturers are paying more and more attention to them. It seems that mobile phones and tablets as user monitoring terminals have become the "hidden rules" of the home security industry. Android and IOS systems have also become major. The choice of civil security equipment is preferred.

Monitoring alarm storage

As we all know, the typical video surveillance system is mainly composed of front-end equipment, transmission equipment and back-end equipment. The back-end equipment can be divided into control part, display and recording part. Home monitoring equipment does not have such a complex classification, home monitoring equipment to hit the main market is civilian, since it is used by the public, then simple and convenient operation is a prerequisite.

The cost of storage is lower.

Home surveillance camera is a monitoring device which integrates monitoring, alarm and storage. This integrated design is convenient for users to use, so that users can purchase, install and use themselves thoroughly. Mobile detection alarm function is able to let the owners rest at ease, any abnormalities in the home, can not escape its "eyes", if there is a clear moving target, the system will automatically send an alarm, the mobile phone will accept the alarm push message. Of course, night vision is also a supplement to the surveillance function, even in rooms without any light source can see every corner of the house.

When it comes to storage, the home surveillance camera is an integrated surveillance camera that integrates surveillance and alarm storage. Storage must be internal rather than requiring back-end storage as commercial surveillance devices do. It only needs a TF card to be able to easily handle the storage, not only small size and storage capacity is constantly improving, easy to carry, easy to export data. Most of the market currently supports cloud storage, which stores data in the cloud without fear of loss, destruction, and is safer to use.

Not to mention the price, you know, an ordinary digital or network hard disk video recorder costs more than $100-200, plus an internal hard disk can be purchased a home surveillance camera. These smart home cameras cost only $20-30. It can be seen that the overall cost of household monitoring equipment is relatively low, which is in line with the requirements of popular users.


Generally speaking, the demand of users determines the development of the market. The main reason why the home surveillance cameras differ from commercial surveillance cameras is the user positioning. HD, mobile, integration is not synonymous with home surveillance cameras, but to help people further understand the product, popularize home surveillance equipment!

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