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Save a lot of specific monitoring equipment and systems

Each IP network camera has its own IP address, data processing capabilities, and built-in application software that can act as a web server, FTP server, FTP client and email client. Many advanced IP network cameras also include their special features, Such as mobile detection, alarm signal output / input device and mail support functions.

IP network cameras not only support all the standard analog CCTV camera functions, but also provide users with more system functions and reduce the more costs. Because IP network camera can be directly inserted into the existing data network through the Ethernet can be applied, the company can save thousands of dollars for wiring costs, while IP network cameras can work independently on the PC, the image can be read using a standard web browser take. In addition IP network cameras also save the company a large number of specific monitoring equipment and systems, because the system can be used anywhere in the world through the network IP machine for real-time management and monitoring. The analog CCTV system requires a dedicated monitoring equipment and security personnel responsible for monitoring the image. Creating a New Age for Monitoring and Controlling High-Tech IP network cameras can transmit 30 frames of image signal flow per second in real time via a standard web browser via a coaxial CCTV system and a computer network. Technology leaders have developed existential / extrinsic follow-up tracking and alerting messages to send text messages via email and text messages, while centralized use of wireless and wireline technologies will drive clearer image delivery.

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