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Safety system is a combination of engineering system and social system

The safety system consists of several organic units with specific functions that are related to production safety issues and are interrelated, interacting and mutually constraining.

In industrial enterprises, man-machine systems, safety technology, occupational health and safety management constitute a safety system. In addition to its general system features, it has its own structural features. First, it is a people-centered human-computer system that has a feedback process. Therefore, in the system security model to fully consider the coordination of people and machines. Second, the safety system is a combination of engineering system and social system. People who are at the center of the system are subject to social, political, cultural, economic, technological and family influences. Taking into account the above factors, systematic safety control can be more effective. Thirdly, the occurrence of safety accidents (the unsafe state of the system) is random. Firstly, the occurrence of accidents shows uncertainties. Secondly, it is impossible to know exactly what the consequences will be if the accidents happen. Fourth, the ambiguity of accident identification. There are some factors in the security system that can not be quantitatively described, so the description of the security state of the system can not be clearly quantified. Security systems engineering activities should be based on these characteristics to carry out research work to find an effective way to deal with security issues.

(1) signal alarm, interlocking point setting, action setting value and adjustment range must meet the requirements of the production process;

(2) In the premise of meeting the safety production, we should try our best to choose the scheme with simple circuit and fewer components and parts;

(3) Safety-related systems should be installed in places with little vibration, less dust, no corrosive gas and no electromagnetic interference;

(4) When applying DCS and PLC, DCS / PLC certified by authoritative organization can be used to construct safety related system;

(5) Detecting devices, actuators, buttons, lights, switches, etc. installed in dangerous places in safety-related systems shall comply with explosion-proof and fire-proof requirements of the place where they are located;

(6) The power supply requirements of safety-related systems are the same as those of general meters. To ensure the stable and reliable operation of important safety instrumented systems, uninterruptible power supplies should be provided.

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