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One Day With Yi Home Camera

After graduating, I came to this bustling metropolis-Shenzhen alone. I live alone and go to work. The most precious property is the money turtle at the bottom of the window. Although my working hours are not very long, leaving the school rules alone at home will not be reassuring, often remember to hang it. When a friend saw me like this, I recommended an artifact that allows me to work with peace of mind - the Yi Home Camera.

At half past six in the morning, I woke up on time and looked to the left of the bed. My little turtle had stretched out his small head and looked out the window. The dark black camera on the wall is quietly "looking" at us. I suddenly wondered if the turtle was waiting for the rising sun. So I opened the app that connected the little ant in the phone, clicked back to see the video before I woke up, and found that the little turtle warmed up in the basin when the day began to be bright, and constantly extended his head to explore. It’s so interesting, I saved this video in the cloud space of the little ant without thinking.

At 7:30, I have already prepared to move my body, then watered the green plants on the window sill and prepared for the trip. I fed the turtle with food, the little ants are still working, and I am going out. Going to work.

I rushed to the card before nine o'clock. I was in a busy day. I only had time to look at the phone while I was eating, but I didn't see my cute little turtle. I pressed the virtual arrow button of the app, let the small ant turn the camera, and constantly zoomed in on the window sill to find the footprint of the turtle, only to find the turtle hiding under the green leaf. Maybe the sun outside the window is too warm, and the little turtle is cool.

Working overtime until 7:00 in the evening, I started to take the subway back home. I guess the turtle has been habitually aware that the owner is back. Turning on the phone and seeing it is like this. It is looking at the door and even wants to open the door. I am going in. In the evening, I watched the video shot by Xiao ant at a double speed. I found that the little turtle would try to look at my back after I went to work. I would nervously retract my head after hearing a little voice, for fear of being violated. The little ant let me know that my little turtle is so dependent on me.

Sleep time is up. Because the small ants enhanced the night vision and humanoid detection functions, and a lot of security, I quickly entered the dream with the little turtle...

Artist : Banney

Date : 2018-10-27

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