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Maintenance The Camara de Seguridad

It is very important to maintain and maintain the surveillance camera during use. A surveillance camera is well maintained and has a service life of 5 years or even longer. If the daily maintenance is not in place, the service life is usually 2 to 3 years, and even after the warranty period, there will be problems.

Cleaning, surveillance camera cleaning is very important, especially in the front of the lens glass, if the cleaning is not done, the camera screen is gray, the picture is as clear as a layer of yarn, while the infrared light next to the night lens will be reflected to the lens As a result, night vision appears to be exposed, and the picture is white and nothing can be seen clearly.

Dust removal, monitoring camera body dust, camera body dust is too much, resulting in poor camera cooling, which causes the internal components of the camera to be damaged due to excessive temperature. There are also some dust that is corrosive and has an effect on the camera casing.

Waterproof, for the outdoor unit, check the waterproof regularly. If it is found that there is water leakage, it should be dealt with in time to avoid short circuit when the camera is raining and burn the camera.

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