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Keep the surrounding ventilation and heat well

Wireless Network Camera Alarm Monitoring Before Installation CAUTION: This device is intended for indoor use only. Do not install in a location that is overheated or overheated. Avoid obstructing the camera with the lens facing the light source. The device will emit heat when used, to keep good ventilation around the cooling.

Can not have coverings, can not be placed in a small enclosed space. This unit uses wireless transmission to ensure that the WiFi and wireless alarm antennas (the camera body and the antennas of the various wireless detectors) are remote from the metal face and that the main unit and wireless detectors are properly located for the reception and transmission of wireless signals. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of accessories, the installation is actually very simple, according to the socket from left to right, from top to bottom order can be.

Network Camera is a new generation of products combining traditional camera with network video technology. In addition to all the image capturing functions of traditional cameras, the built-in digital compression controller and WEB-based operating system also make the video data compressed , Through the LAN, internet or wireless network to the end user. With the birth of the H.264 digital video coding standard, the quality of video images transmitted over the Internet has also been a qualitative leap forward.

As the name implies, wireless network camera refers to the network camera through wireless transmission, and ordinary network camera is the difference between the transmission mode.

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