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Intelligent high speed dome camera

Main Features of  Intelligent high speed dome camera

1. Target tracking: The user can use the joystick on the control keyboard to control the up and down rotation of the high speed ball to track the moving target or shift the horizon. In addition, the focal length can be adjusted to change the size of the angle of view or the size of the target image. In the default auto focus, auto iris state, with the rotation of the high speed ball, the lens will automatically adjust according to the changes of the scene, and instantly get a clear image.

2. Automatic flip: During the operation of the joystick tracking and monitoring, if the operator pulls the joystick after pulling the lens to the bottom (vertical), the lens will automatically rotate 180° horizontally, which can be directly viewed and tracked on the back. Scenario, thus achieving continuous 180o continuous monitoring.

3. Cruise function: The cruise function is a built-in function of the high-speed ball. Through pre-programming, the preset positions are arranged into the cruise queue in the required order. When the cruise is required to be called, the cruise group number is called, so that the high-speed ball automatically moves back and forth at a predetermined time interval in the preset position sequence.

4, left and right scanning: the ball machine supports left and right scanning function, the operator can arbitrarily set the left limit and the right limit, after setting, the user can call the left and right scanning function at any time, the high speed ball will automatically scan back and forth according to the speed level selected by the user. .

5. Set and call the preset position: the preset position function is that the high-speed ball stores the parameters such as the horizontal angle, the tilt angle and the focal length of the camera lens in the current state through the preset number. If necessary, these parameters can be quickly called and the cloud The table and camera are adjusted to this position. This smart ball can support 128 preset positions.

6. Alarm function: The user can set the place that needs to be monitored to be the alarm point. Through the connection of the external sensor, if there is an alarm signal transmitted to the dome, the high-speed ball will quickly turn the camera to the alarm point and output the alarm through the alarm. The terminal outputs an alarm signal.

7. Automatic adjustment of focal length/speed: When the focus is long, the high-speed response of the dome makes the slight touch of the joystick cause the screen to move quickly, resulting in loss of picture. Based on the humanized design, the high-speed ball automatically adjusts the horizontal and vertical speed of the pan/tilt according to the distance of the focal length, making the manual tracking target operation easier and more convenient.

8. Watch position function: The high-speed ball comes with a guard position. The user can set the area to be protected as the guard position according to the actual situation. When the ball machine is unmanned for five minutes, the ball machine will automatically rotate to the guard position to monitor. .

9. Lens control: Users can adjust the focal length by controlling the keyboard to get the desired panoramic image or close-up view.

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