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How to choose the HDD for DVR

About 60% of the problems with embedded DVRs come from hard drives. The problem with the hard disk is very serious. For engineering companies, your profits will increase when you have fewer hard drives installed. Service costs are declining and your ongoing projects give customers peace of mind. Due to problems with hard drives, engineering companies no longer have to worry about frequent door-to-door services, which has led to a sharp increase in service costs and even a loss of the entire project. For the end user, if the hard disk fails less, it will reduce the risk of data loss, the system is more secure, and the monitoring system does play its due role.

DVR-specific hard drives are designed for DVR system users in the security and defense industries or for special users who need continuous operation, providing high-reliability and custom-performance high-capacity storage products, making it easier for users to store and manage their own hard drives. Monitor video and TV shows. Videos, photos and files.

Although these DVR-specific hard disks are no different in appearance from ordinary PC hard disks, DVR-dedicated hard disks are more suitable for professional use in terms of functions and parameters. The differences are as follows:

First, the applicable environment

Ordinary PC hard drive

Ordinary PC hard drives are designed to meet the evolving trend of PC applications - more reliable system data storage, versatile application support and faster storage response times. More reliable system data storage means that under hard disk (including array) systems, the hard disk system ensures reliable and secure storage of various system data. Diverse application support means that hard drives can support multiple application environments: PC desktop applications, multimedia applications and games.

DVR dedicated hard drive

DVR-specific hard drives are designed to meet the storage requirements of digital hard disk recorders for system data and digital image information. DVR-specific hard drives are very stable and reliably support system data. This is related to the system characteristics of the digital DVR. The PC-type digital hard disk recorder system is very simple (there is no possibility of multiple systems coexisting), and the system-supported applications are specifically tailored for digital hard disk recorders (no multiple applications). Coexistence); embedded digital hard disk recorders generally do not have the concept of a system, the system is built-in, and has nothing to do with the hard disk. The DVR dedicated hard disk satisfies the file image storage and file mode playback of the digital hard disk recorder, and optimizes the hard disk to realize the digital DVR input and playback characteristics, fully supporting streaming media.

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